Scénario Camerounais





  • Cameroonian cinema has demonstrated in recent years that it is capable of showing films of appreciable quality. It therefore deserves that we contribute to giving it opportunities to exist and to be disseminated.
  • The socio-political environment that we have known for a few years does not offer the Cameroonian filmmaker an ideal framework for creation, while the practice of this art needs stability to grow. Therefore, the filmmaker cannot be indifferent to everything which, when he is in a context of socio-political crisis like the one in Cameroon, can bring peace to our country.
  • The National Social Insurance Fund has every interest in supporting a commercial art of the cinema type. Likely to create jobs, encourage the creation of businesses, and increase membership for better protection of artists and a better end of life. An art capable of serving the ideals of peace, peaceful coexistence, and living together.

To this end:

  • NATIONAL SOCIAL INSURANCE FUND (NSIF), BP 441 Yaoundé, and ECRANS NOIRS ASSOCIATION headquartered in Yaoundé (Cameroon). Recognized Association of Public Utility by decree No 2016/219 of 28.04.16 of the President of the Republic of Cameroon. are launching a feature film script competition with the partnership of any other institution interested in promoting Cameroon cinema.
  • This competition is open to any Cameroonian or group of Cameroonian. Already author of at least one short film regardless of the genre and whose script has been produced and directed.
  • Every scenario submitted to the competition will freely focus on living together.
  • The scenario must be written or presented in French or in English.
  • Each Author is allowed to submit various projects. Different authors can present a jointed scenario
  • Candidates shall provide sworn statement to ensure they are the authors of the scripts submitted or any lawful document in case of adaptation.
  • The file shall include:

–  Curriculum Vitae.

– A short summary of 100 words maximum.

– A synopsis of 1000 words maximum clearly highlighting the “living together” factor.

– Description of the main characters (15 words maximum per character and 6 characters maximum).

–  Dialogued continuity.

– In case the author is already working on the project with a production company which is in conformity with its social and fiscal obligations, he shall furnish a joint production agreement and a document which describes the production strategy.

  • All the scenarios will be submitted to a technical committee of three members appointed by Ecrans Noirs. Responsible for pre-selecting a maximum of 5 film projects. For the assessment of a jury of 5 members jointly appointed by the National Social Insurance Fund and Ecrans Noirs.  The jury must include 2 professionals from Cinema, and 1 professional from related Arts in cinema. (painting, music, sewing, design, decoration, etc.). The General Director of NSIF and the Delegate General of Ecrans Noirs Association (or their representatives) are among the 5.
  • The following will be assessed: the originality of the project and of the subject. the potential to contribute to living together, the quality of its construction, the quality of the dialogues, the promises and the feasibility of the project.
  • The winning project will benefit from a financing of CFA F 7million (1million to the author and 6million to support the production). The management of which will be entrusted to a production company up to date with its obligations towards the NSIF, and according to a contract which will be offered to it by surrounding itself with guarantees for its feasibility.
  • Ecrans Noirs will assist the production in finding the additional budget for the film if necessary, and will ensure that the production respects all Cameroonian social and fiscal regulations.
  • NSIF and Ecrans Noirs will produce, at their expense, a dubbed version of the final draft, either in French if the film was shot in English or in English if the film was shot in French, so that the original film is available as soon as it is released in the two official languages ​​of Cameroon.
  • Authors and beneficiaries of the award-winning screenplay give National Social Insurance Fund and Ecrans Noirs Association; free of charges the right to broadcast the film for non-commercial purposes according to a right assignment agreement, and the exclusivity of the world premiere unless Ecrans Noirs consent. They also give Ecrans Noirs the rights to use extracts from the screenplay or/and the final film version not exceeding 3000 words or 3 minutes, for promotional and communication purposes, for the public and the media.
  • The credits of the film must mention the support of the National Social Insurance Fund and Ecrans Noirs.
  • Applications are received, exclusively by email, until October 15th, 2021 at midnight, and must be sent simultaneously to the following addresses:,,,  and
  • A receipt acknowledgment mail shall be sent within 48 hours after the submission. Please refer any problem to copied to, or through +237 242 897 601 for it to be solved.
  • Modifying this regulation either for technical or any other reason shall be under the rightful competence of Ecrans Noirs with the consent of NSIF.
  • These regulations will be deposited with a bailiff.



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