In continuation with the celebration of its 25th anniversary, the official selections for the African Series Night “La Nuit De La Serie Africaine” of Jean Roke Patoudem is out. For this 25th edition, a total number of 9 films have been selected and these films are not produced just by Cameroonians but equally there are films, produced in four different countries which are, Cameroon, Gabon, Nigeria, and Ivory Coast.

The first film to be selected is, “Mami Wata, Le Mystere d’iveza”. This is a Gabonese television series directed by Samantha Biffot and Marco TCHICOT, and co-produced by Canal + International. This series, has eight episodes, with each episode having a length of 52 minutes each. It should be noted that, this film is the story of OLIWINA, a young journalist who returns to her home town in Agouwé in Gabon. She had left the place for 15 years to investigate her younger brother Pao’s disappearance. Upon her arrival, 5 bodies of unidentified children are found in a nearby mangrove swamp. The town being surrounded by oceans and mangroves, people started talking about Mami WATAs name. Stay tuned as its first episode will be broadcast on the 15th of November 2021.

Secondly, another series that happened to get a part in this selection is a Nigerian movie titled EBELE the PRODIGY, produced and directed by O. EZUGWU and Y. MOROFA.  EBELE is a young orphan with a sewing gift, and with a dream of becoming a great stylist. But on the road to success, she will have to face the jealousy and wickedness of her family and her trials. Fortunately, her grandmother and her child hood friend Chima are always there to support her and help her make her dreams come true.

Furthermore, the Cameroon film industry was not left out of the selection. The Cameroon Television Series “Madame….Monsieur”, came to realisation thanks to the collaboration between Ebenezer Kepombia and Cynthia Elisabeth Ngono. The first season of this series has 52 episodes. It should be noted that, this Cameroonian series sheds light on the daily life of Cameroonian households. Combining both humour and love, the series deals with the different problems and challenges that couples face in the society like infidelity, property management and jealousy.

In continuation, the other African series selected for this 25th edition are

  • The Cameroonian series titles “Power and Law” by M’Bro LATH
  • The Ivorian series “Les Coups De La Vie S2”, by VLEHI.
  • The Nigerian Series by Andy AMANECHI titled “Homme Au Foyer”.
  • The Cameroonian series “Les Secrets De L’Amour” by EYAGA.
  • Another Ivorian series titled “Teenager S2” by Jonas ZADITO.
  • Lastly for this 25th edition there is another Cameroonian series by JDD TCHEGNEBE titled “Samba Le General S2”.






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