Partnership agreement: Future Remodelling

A Partnership agreement meeting between the Ecrans Noirs association (EN) and the Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV) was held in Kribi, Ocean division of the South region. This meeting had a number of resolutions arrived at.

Slated from November 25 to November 27, the partnership agreement had as main aim to bring forth proposals for a better coverage of the next editions of the Ecrans Noirs film festival. On November 26, both parties, headed by Bassek Ba Kobhio aka BBK and Gerard Nguele came to a common agreement on their proceedings, to be rendered official in a signed convention.

After a briefly solid introduction of the working personnel, BBK took the floor. He explained the objectives of the meeting and giving a history of the Ecrans Noirs association. Which also constitutes his life career. He furthered with a debriefing of the 24th edition of the film festival. Which, according to him, was not at its utmost best in terms of organisation and coverage. A certain number of reasons were mentioned. Among which was the advent of the covid-19 pandemic which hampered the flow of activities.

Resolutions Agreed upon

Furthermore, Gerard Nguele, upon having the floor, praised the film association for this initiative and mentioned CRTV’s zeal to keep contributing in the development of African cinema, through media coverage. A moment of pleasantries was shared, followed by a partnership brainstorming. It is supposed to be a service exchange, entailing the granting of CRTV’s visibility. Through catalogues and the detailed broadcast of all activities of EN by the media organ. Emphasis was laid on the live broadcasts of the opening and closing ceremonies. Which, according to the public, are the most important phases.

Some of the resolutions during this partnership agreement meeting entailed the reinforcement of communication for better preparedness. The creation of a working team from the media house. In addition to a yearly evaluation meeting to be held, amid others.

The meeting ended with a summary of the different points agreed on for the convention to be effective, at about 4.30pm. The convention is to be officially signed before December 15.


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