INTERVIEW: The Face Behind Ecrans Noirs Poster

Official poster for silver Jubilee

The Face Behind Ecrans Noirs Poster

Christian ENDOUGOU
The Face behind the Ecrans Noirs poster

Can you briefly tell us about yourself?

In the most summarized way, I am called Christian ENDOUGOU, and I am young graphic designer, working from time to time with the Ecrans Noirs Association.

What pushed you to be a graphic designer, and to you what does it mean to be a graphic designer?

I chose this profession out of pure passion for digital arts. Already at a tender age, I wanted to get involved in doing some artistic work. I wanted to be a designer but I was discouraged. When I was 13, because of passion I started out with audio-visual editing, as an autodidact while I was in form 3 and people got very interested in my work and thus permitted me to earn my little pennies. I went to the University of Yaounde II SOA, for one year and I was in the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences for Don Bosco but after my first year I dropped out of school because unfortunately I missed the Don Bosco registration. This is how I dispersed myself until in 2017 where I for registered into Graphic Production, and at the same time I was following a training in audio-visual editing.

Concerning the design you made for Ecrans Noirs, can you tell us what it is all about?  

Official poster for silver Jubilee
Official poster for our Silver Jubilee

Giving a full detail of the entire poster will be a little long, but we can summarize it as follows:

The main theme being “25 years of Ecrans Noirs” we needed an artistic direction focused on the journey, and the transition to a new era “2.0”, hence the materialisation of a director’s chair, to mark the cinematographic aspect, divided by the African map (African Cinema), which gives us two parts of the chair. An internal part marking territorial Africa and an external part marking overseas Africa, followed by a contrast representing the aging and the renewal as well by the colour as by the illustrations of tears.

What inspired the design of the poster you made for Ecrans Noirs 25th Festival?

It should be noted that, this work was done in close collaboration with the communication cell of this association which did some basic work by defining the main axes of the poster. Together we discussed the concept, then I looked for illustrative solutions so I can say it was a collective inspiration. But when it comes to the choice and arrangement of the different graphic elements, inspiration comes from nowhere. You just have to create on a blank sheet of paper and make sure that there is no equivalent work.



And did you face any challenges when doing the design?

Yes off course, as easy as it may seem I had multiple challenges while doing this job, but the most striking of them all was designing the chair, which is fully a synthetic image and the harmonization of the elements of the poster.

So apart from Graphic designing is there any other thing you love doing?

Apart from computer graphic designing, yes there are many other things I love doing. For example I am a huge soccer fan, I also love playing video games and producing and watching documentaries. I can do this all day even at work.


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