• 25 years of existence is not 25 days, it is therefore for this reason that Ecrans Noirs has decided to step up its activities to make this year’s festival a memorable one through the celebration of its silver jubilee.

Ecrans Noirs is an African Cinema festival that was created in 1997 by the film Director BASSEK BA KOBHIO. This association has as objective, to promote the 7 arts of Central African countries with Cameroon inclusive. To reunite Cinema professionals who will debate on themes concerning the conditions and evolution of this art in the African Continent. And to offer to the lovers of these art a true discovery of cinematographic, artistic and cultural creations.

For the past years Ecrans Noirs has been celebrating their anniversary’s in grand style. With film projections and games, discoveries, just to name a few. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic that came in last year, activities for their 24th anniversary changed and was not like the previous years. Last year’s celebration was in two forms, online for those who were not able to make it to the country. They worked through online forums and video conferencing, and in the physical, for those who were in the country. But there was no big out door program as compared to the previous years.

In this light, Festival Ecrans Noirs in other to celebrate its Silver Jubilee. has come up with many innovations for its public. Where there will be big opportunities for visibility and communication for its partners. In other to make this year’s celebration a memorable one, this Association has put in place, different programs to keep its audience entertained, for example Caravans, Kids Cinema Corner, and “25 films of our 25 years”.

Caravans. (Activity for silver jubilee) 

This is one of the main festivities of this year’s celebration. In other to make this silver jubilee a memorable one, this part of the festival, will take place in 50 communities which will be selected because of their originality and dynamism, with the aim of valorising the African Cinema. The Caravan will spend 2 to 3 days per community with the population which demand only to be together to appreciate the genius nature of its creators.

This section of the festival has as objective, to discover the best of their African and Cameroonian cinematographic creations, valorise the cultural and touristic nature of each community, contribute to the development of the community and also, make the youths to get interested in audio visual technics and artistic fields.

During this tour, 2 days for 4 films, there will be many games, focussing on the cinema and youths, traditional and modern dances, initiation to the cinema world, trainings, the presence of local musicians, DJs and animators, production of a film for the community and picture taking, just to name a few.


Ecrans Noirs Cinema Club

Coming out of its main objective which is organising its annual festivals. This association, since 2018 decided to organise cinema and audio-visual training workshops in different secondary and high schools.

For this year’s festival, this section has as objective. To offer an opportunity to youths from ages 11 to 20. To live their passion in cinema through trainings and the realisation of their personal projects giving them a guarantee to follow their dreams in a long term. Also, to awaken a cinematographic culture in youths in colleges.

This project will take a period of 3 to 9 months depending on the established program. 5 secondary and high schools in Yaounde and Douala and the activities will take place in the various school campuses.

During this period, there will be other activities like, actor’s plays, script writing, movie play backs, projection and production of short films, and visiting of movie sets.

Les 25 films de nos 25 ans

Another important part of this festival is the “25 films of our 25 years”. This is a program that has been proposed to by Ecrans Noirs in partnership with CRTV for their 25th anniversary (silver jubilee) . The aim of this program is to broadcast the best films that marked the last 24 editions of the Ecrans Noirs Festival.

This program already kicked off on the 20th of May 2021 with the film “Saving Mbango” of Nkanya Nkwai.

This best films are broadcast every Friday at 9:05pm on CRTV premium to make you enjoy the African Cinema.

Kids Cinema Corner.

Not forgetting the children during this festival, Ecrans Noirs also has some interesting programs to keep the children entertained and educated. With the way the world is changing now, with tribalism and corruption getting to its peak. Ecrans Noirs thought it wise to bring children from age 5 to 13, to teach them about living together. and creating workshops for them to practice and learn the cinematographic and audio visual art.

These children will be divided into three groups. Ages 5 to 7, 8 to 10, and 11 to 13 and each group will have specific attention. Including children coming from the North West and South West regions of the country.

This section of the festival has as objective. To bring out cinema and artistic talents found in children. help the children discover riches found in arts, culture and the cinema world both home and abroad. Another objective is to create a socialisation spirit in children.

In other to make this objectives come true, there will be many fun activities. Like the merry-go-round, painting and drawing workshops, a cinema club for 100 people, an educative workshop on the environment, and an introduction to cinematographic art.

It should be noted that “the cinema is a marketing strategy. through which ideas, products and marks can be promoted”.  Therefore this festival is open to the public and these innovations and many more will be yours for this year’s Ecrans Noirs Festival.



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