Curtains Closed for Marcel Mvondo II

After leaving the scenes of his career due to a leg amputation in 2012. The veteran Marcel Mvondo II stayed home for a while, before giving up the ghost to a prolonged illness. This, after his son who caterered for him passed away a month earlier, according to sources.

The actor has a track record of exploits as he has played in many successful fictions.

In terms of feature films. He starred in “Le Grand blanc de Lambarené” and “Sango Malo” produced by Bassek Ba Kobhio. Moreover, “Les cercles du pouvoir” by Daniel Kamwa, just to name a few.

Concerning some series, he has starred in stories like “Le revenant”, “Ntaphil”, produced by Yolande Ekoumou Samba, or even “L’orphelin”, which were broadcast on the Cameroon Radio and Television, CRTV. Born in 1933, being one of the pioneers of Cameroon cinema, Marcel Mvondo II is also known as Knight of the national order of value and has been a leading figure in the emancipation of his country’s 7th art.  He leaves behind a loaded heritage for the younger generations to follow.

Suzanne Nanyonge

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