Cameroon cinema: Teachers enlightened

50 teachers of cinematographic art from secondary schools have undergone a training seminar at the Yaounde congress hall, lasting from the 13th to 24th January 2020.

The first edition of this cinematographic teachers training  had these pedagogues from the ten regions edified on the concept of cinematography, its practical aspects, and anticipating challenges to group management in a student environment. A host of professionals in the domain, including university lecturers of the arts department, authors of cinema books, envoys from the ministry of secondary education and the Ecrans Noirs team took the charge of imparting knowledge on the subject.

During 11 days, the learners had a daily program with different content to enrich their know-how in theory and practice. Their days were marked by exposés around a particular theme, knowing the history of cinema alongside film watching, which was accompanied by a questionnaire to be filled. Besides, they got to see the processes of film editing, how to use a camera and audio-visual lexis during a series of workshops. All these, to know the fundamentals of cinema to teach their students back in school.

The learners were taught how to handle cinematographic art in class by observing the corpus, formulating hypotheses, giving a résumé and exercises, for the students to apply their senses and let them ask questions related to the subject. In addition, they should let their students express themselves in proposing ideas which can help contribute to the art.

Under the supervision of Bassek ba Kobhio, various participants brought more insights to the topic. Someone like Alexis Belibi talked on teaching following the competence based approach which has the advantage of originality and better ways to handle problems. Films like Life Point by Nkanya kwai or Les Saignantes by Jean Pierre Bekolo amid others were at the order of the day. The one week training seminar ended with the creation of a national association of cinematographic art pedagogues. This association will serve as interlocutor between the teachers and their superiors.

Suzanne Nanyonge

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