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10 schools in Douala town have been at work to produce films for the regional finals of this event which took place at the premises of Eden theatre hall, on February 07, 2020.

Under the theme “Non à la corruption”, these schools, represented by clubs, each produced ten different short films. This comes after the students received a four-month training session on script writing, cinema-related jobs and the concept of acting. Colleges like Liberman, les Laureats, St Pierre et Paul de Loum and Luc Bell, just to name a few, had a host of hurdles to cross. François Edimo, Regional Delegate for Arts and Culture, presided over this final award ceremony.

Films like « Les solidaires », « Ça suffit » and « Lucia » are among the productions of the 10 clubs, who had supervision from different patrons and guest stars like Stephane Jung and Jean Baptiste Manguele. Screenings and auto-critics of each film were made in the different schools before the final day. Each mentor, according to sources, had a proper follow-up of these young adepts to the 7th art to ensure quality results. At the end of it, one can say new talents are sprouting. Gaelle Mbiakop, of Collège Les Laureats distinguishes herself as best actress, while collège St Michel gets the award for best scenario and the Pepiniere d’or award goes to collège INTAC.

Ciné Scolaire, in partnership with the French institute of Cameroon, is a program which aims at educating children through entertainment and sharing the values of cinematography. It is at its second edition, with a host of secondary schools implanting clubs. More than 7000 children from several government schools in Dschang have been sensitised on personal growth and have had screening sessions. With the recent involvement of cinema in secondary education, most schools in the country are ensuring proper implication, with Lycée général l’Eclerc in Yaounde being one of the schools launching the new pedagogy.

Suzanne Nanyonge

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